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Painting our first #buildsolid mural

Local street artist Leonard Lesić (Leonard art & street art) and his colleague Leon from Zagreb breathed life into the gray wall behind our warehouse.

Watch how young media technicians from Duga Resa High School filmed the painting of our first mural. 🎥

Through our first mural, they told the story of what we strive forhttps://youtu.be/NtNEoN4s_6M as a company. 💚

After more than 30 years of continuous company growth, we continue our pursuit of a different future for our children and a greener planet.

It was a great project in which children Maro, Marija, Vanda, Marta and Vilim participated and learned something new about the company in their town.

Our workers Melani, Jopa and Darko also participated in the video and helped Leonardo.

We are looking forward to new projects with these small and big creative people. 🤗


build solid.

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